YBS Insulation

7 new CGI videos demonstrating and simplifying the application process

Here at YBS we understand that product application, training & knowledge can be the key factor to helping our employees and our customers to succeed within ours and their industry sector.

Understanding the products along with all the applications is vital when dealing with customers, YBS also believe it is important to our customers that their staff should have a basic understanding of the product they sell IE; product knowledge & product applications.

Due to the current situation with COVID19 and in keeping with the government guidelines, YBS want to make the whole process more visual and offer an easy way to understand the application process.

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YBS Insulation recently commissioned a selection of CGI videos to demonstrate and simplify the application process. From customer research we now know that utilising CGI videos is a very easy way to effectively simplifying down these sometimes-complex applications and creating a visual solution will enable our employees and customers to cover such a wealth of information in a quick and effective way.

YBS Insulation is dedicated to creating the right way to deliver knowledge for our employees and customers, we understand and know this can make a big difference to our customers business and of course to ours.