At YBS Insulation it has always been our aim to become the UK’s leading manufacturer of highly reflective and efficient thermal insulation.

With our years' of experience and pioneering part in the development of the reflective insulation market, we have the expertise and inhouse capability to develop, test and improve insulation solutions for a vast range of markets including Cool Chain Logistics, Industrial and Retail sectors.

We are THE experts in reflective insulation.

With over 25 years’ experience in reflective insulation manufacturing and our leading product brands such as SuperQuilt and BreatherQuilt being readily stocked and available across the United Kingdom and Europe, YBS Insulation is the UK’s leading manufacture of reflective thermal insulation.

Innovation has always been in our DNA from day one, way back in 1994 when we released our first product.

Taking inspiration from the environment and products around us, such as traditional insulation and recycled materials, we create new and improved products through development and design.

The evolution of insulation has taken many thousands of years to become what it is today, but the principle idea is still the same.

Insulation Today

With a continued focus on the environment and sustainability, the use of YBS reflective insulation is expected to continue to increase dramatically, through its high performance and recycled material content.

It offers a sustainable option that does not degrade or lose performance over time. Read more on the sustainability of our products.

YBS Insulation has pushed the boundaries of reflective insulation over the years, offering specifically designed products for various solutions across a wide range of industries including: Building Trade, Military, Cool Chain Logistics, Pharmaceutical, Agricultural and many more, with over 1 million metres of reflective insulation being sold in 2020.

Quality Control & Testing Facility

We are dedicated to offering the highest quality materials and products to our customers.

To ensure we can achieve this, YBS has its own on-site laboratory and testing facility, enabling us to carry out rigorous quality control testing.

This facility also gives YBS the capability to analyse and test other insulation products available to the market from around the world, research and develop innovative solutions.

With ever increasing energy efficiency targets being set out by the UK government, YBS are committed to offering solutions to meet these targets.

As part of our continual product development and innovation plans, we are further developing SuperQuilt (19 layers), the UK’s most trusted Multi-Foil brand to the next level.

While other multifoil brands have simply increased the number of layers to create higher thermal performing products (for example 37 layers plus), this however increases the overall thickness of the product. YBS insulation products maintain a thinner profile, whilst offering a great thermal performance and maintaining its high-quality appearance.

Traditional insulation materials only deal with conduction and convection heat transfer, whereas YBS reflective insulation harnesses radiant heat transfer, ensuring all 3 types of heat transfer are efficiently controlled.

We do this by using industry leading true aluminium foil, where other manufacturers simply use metalized polyester, this ensures we achieve the best reflective performance values possible. Each foil layer is coated with a protective lacquer which maintains these values for the lifetime of the product.

YBS Insulation was built on innovation, and innovation is what we do best.

For more information about our products and solutions, give our technical team a call on 01909 726025

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