YBS Breathe-R Ultra

Breathable Membrane & Insulating Layer for Pitched Roofs.

Why install a standard breather membrane when you can insulate at the same time?

The average UK house loses 25% of its heat through its roof. Current Building Regulations recommend a suitable membrane should be used over the rafters. This is to ensure that the roof is waterproof and breathable. Standard breather membranes offer zero thermal performance.

When roofing your project, why not use Breathe-R Ultra, incorporating the properties of a breather membrane with the extra benefits of thermal performance.

The Breathe-R range is a quick and easy to install solution for your roofing membrane needs, with a high thermal performance.

Breathable Membrane & Reflective Insulating Layer for Pitched Roofs.

Breathe-R Ultra is a 2 in 1 breathable membrane and insulating layer for pitched roofs. Offering a fast and effective high thermal performing solution for your roofing membrane needs.

Breathe-R Ultra offers an increased up to 54% reduction in heat loss, when compared to standard, traditional breather membranes, all of which amount to saving you money, by reducing your energy bills.

Breathe-R Ultra is 11mm thick and comprises of 3 layers.

Manufactured using a high performing and durable roofing membrane as the external outer layer.

Breathe-R Ultra’s product core contains recycled plastic polyester wadding, which reduces the risk of cold bridging.

The internal facing layer is manufactured using highly reflective insulation grade aluminium foil, which is fully perforated to allow free passage of moisture from the internal to external.

Breathe-R Ultra gives you a breathable and a high thermal efficient product with an overall thermal resistance value of 0.711 m²K/W, equivalent to approximately 35mm mineral fibre insulation.

This product is suitable for pitched roofs and offers the following major benefits

•   R-Value of 0.711 m²K/W, equivalent to 35 mm of mineral fibre insulation
•   Up to 54% reduction in heat loss, saving you money on your energy bills
•   Low vapour resistant (good at allowing moisture to pass)
•   Suitable for pitched roofs
•   Polyester wadding contains 70% recycled material
•   Built in double-sided self-adhesive tape for ease of installation
•   Flexible, lightweight and easy to install
•   Eliminates condensation by allowing moisture to pass through the membrane
•   Unique overlapping method totally removes the risk of thermal bridging
•   Made in Britain

Alternatively, if you are looking for a solution for your loft conversion or new build project, why not check out our BreatherQuilt product, which is fully agrément certified, NHBC accepted and offer a much higher thermal performance (BreatherQuilt).

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