Breathe-R range Installation

General fixing instructions for Breathe-R & Breathe-R Ultra

1. Start at the bottom of the roof by rolling across the Rafters, Install
the next layer over lapping it by 100mm.

2. Staple at regular intervals (approx. every 300mm), minimum 10mm stainless steel or galvanised staples are recommended.

3. Breathe-R can be cut using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors.

4. When you reach the end of the roll, cut the product so that it finishes in the middle the last rafter & staple.
Begin the next roll from this rafter, by butt jointing it to the end of the first roll and staple in place.
Using the YBS 75mm waterproof tape, tape over the joint and ensure it is fully sealed.
YBS Waterproof tape can be purchased from your local stockist, for more information give us a call.

5. Fold the second roll back (100mm), remove the easy peel backing from
the double sided tape and secure in place by applying pressure.