FloorQuilt Installation

General Fixing Instructions

Installation of FloorQuilt for solid floor applications and additional insulation products should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s fixing instructions and current good building practice.

Ensure floor is clean and free from debris.

Lay FloorQuilt directly to the solid floor surface, starting at the wall edge with a minimum of 100mm overlapping the wall edge.

FloorQuilt can be cut easily with a craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors.

FloorQuilt should be butt jointed along the edges on the membrane where they meet each other, covering joints with YBS FloorQuilt jointing tape.

The next stage is to install your under floor heating system using the integrated gridding outer membrane to align your hot water piping. (if you are not installing an under floor heating system please progress to the next step).

No protective clothing/handling required.

The final step is to install the floor screeding in accordance with the manufacturers instructions and current good building practice.