Foil-Tec is an ultra-thin, flexible, easy to install, vapour control membrane which effectively controls condensation and air tightness in both walls and roofs, while offering great thermal benefits. Foil-Tec can also be used independently as an insulation membrane in floor applications.


This product offers the following major benefits –

  • Effective 2 in 1 insulating vapour control membrane
  • Removes Risk of Condensation
  • Non degradable, maintaining thermal performance and product integrity

Foil-Tec has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agrement.

With product specification, project support, U-value or condensation risk calculations, we at YBS Insulation believe we offer the highest level of support to all of our customers.

Get in touch with our professional team today if you’d like to discuss your insulation needs or if you’d like to order Foil-Tec vapour control membrane.