SuperQuilt - 2 Layer Installation

Fixing Instructions

First Layer – Recessed between the rafters:

  • SuperQuilt is stapled to the first rafter.
  • SuperQuilt is recessed into the rafter void 38mm and fixed with staples or with battens.
  • The material is then fixed to opposite rafter as per instruction 2.
  • SuperQuilt is then wrapped around the rafter and the procedure starts again. Once all the SuperQuilt is fitted, all joints should be taped using YBS Foil Tape.

Second Layer – Across rafter installation:

SuperQuilt is applied directly from the roll either vertically or horizontally depending on the rafter height, pulled tight and stapled onto the rafters at minimum 300mm centres.

SuperQuilt should be overlapped at each joint by approx. 50mm and stapled onto the rafters, the joints should be sealed using YBS Foil Tape. Additionally, at the eaves SuperQuilt is cut around the rafters and sealed to the Cavity wall insulation or wall plate.

When installing two layers of SuperQuilt a 38mm air space should be maintained between layers at all times.