Home owner installing Airtec, a 2 in 1 reflective bubble foil insulation and vapour control layer for roofs, walls and floors.

YBS Insulation is renowned for its reflective multifoil insulation products designed for both residential and commercial purposes. Our range of Airtec bubble foil insulation is made in Britain and consists of Airtec Single, Airtec Double and Airtec Double Bubble: all of them thin and flexible membranes. Airtec products are incredibly easy to use, they do not require PPE for their installation, and roofs, walls and floors are among their many possible applications. Moreover, our bubble foil insulation helps lower energy consumption.

Cost-effective insulation solution

Airtec’s core bubble profile provides excellent thermal advantages by effectively trapping air. Its foil-faced outer layer creates low emissivity air spaces, further enhancing its overall thermal abilities. All three products from the Airtec range have full CE certification for roofs, walls and floors, ensuring their suitability and compliance for these applications.

Airtec Single, Double and Double Bubble constitute a good-better-best offer, covering every budget. Their built-in airtight vapour control layer prevents moisture passage and reduces condensation risk.

Airtec Single

Airtec Single has an R-value of up to 0.785 m²K/W, equivalent to 35 mm of mineral fibre insulation. This cost-effective solution results in up to 50% reduction in heat loss.

Airtec Double

Airtec Double ensures up to 66% heat loss reduction, helping occupants save on energy bills. With its R-Value of up to 1.46 m²K/W, this bubble foil insulation corresponds to 65 mm of mineral fibre insulation.

Airtec Double Bubble

Finally, Airtec Double Bubble is equivalent to 70 mm of mineral fibre insulation, thanks to its R-value of up to 1.52 m²K/W. Using this aluminium foil bubble insulation membrane results in 68% less heat loss.

Advice on bubble foil insulation?

If you’re interested in our bubble foil insulation range, make sure to check the installation videos and product downloads. Don’t hesitate to contact our office at 01909 726 025 for free technical support or advice.