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Why YBS works with buying groups

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of multi-foil reflective insulation, YBS works closely together with respected buying groups. We’ve been collaborating with NBG (the National Buying Group) and H&B Group for over 5 years; and with NMBS (the National Merchant Buying Society) for more than 3 years. Every three months, our team gets together with these groups to discuss performance and product launches, among other topics.

Exclusive deals and knowledge sharing

As an independent builders' merchant and a member of the NBG, H&B or NMBS, you reap the benefits of our collaboration with these buying groups.

Centralised purchasing and negotiating means that we can offer exclusive deals and promotions. Moreover, working with the buying groups allows YBS to collaborate and share best practices with other industry players. This extensive knowledge-sharing with peers fosters innovation and continuous improvement.

Buying groups facilitate connections with various market sector merchants, which often lead to new business opportunities and partnerships which our customers benefit from as well. Because we also gain valuable insights into market trends and customer preferences, we can make sure that our offer is always in line with market needs. 

We also offer direct support and expert advice to members, who have access to our full portfolio of products. And because our collaboration with buying groups simplifies administrative tasks for our finance team, such as invoicing and payments, we are left with more time and resources to better assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

The benefits for YBS

Working with buying groups is also beneficial to our business. Through these buying groups, we have access to a large network of independent merchants. Evidently, reaching a wider customer base increases sales as well as brand awareness and visibility. The latter even gets an additional boost thanks to the joint marketing and promotional activities that buying groups often engage in.

Additionally, our association with respected buying groups helps us expand and diversify our business. It enhances our reputation in the industry, potentially attracting more customers and business partners, as well as introducing us to merchants in new regions or market segments

The fact that these buying groups can potentially place larger orders, consolidating the purchasing power of multiple merchants, not only results in significant discounts for members, for us, it comes with the benefit of improved economies of scale.