Conservatory Insulation

ThermaWrap conservatory insulation is a 2 in 1 high performing aluminium foil reflective multi-layer insulation and vapour control layer specifically designed for conservatories.

ThermaWrap conservatory insulation is 30mm thick and comprises of 7 layers, it is manufactured using highly reflective insulation grade aluminium foil, offering improved heat resistance and durability compared to other inferior metallised products available on the market.

Our insulation grade aluminium foil inner layer also increases the overall thermal performance of the application and creates a vapour control layer once taped and sealed, keeping the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

The core of the product is manufactured using polyester wadding (containing 70% recycled plastic bottles) and reflective film layers further increasing the thermal performance, while reducing the risk of cold bridging.

The unique white needle punch polyester outer layer increases visual appearance and offers increased solar heat resistance.

ThermaWrap Conservatory Insulation gives you a high thermal efficient product with an overall thermal resistance value equivalent to approximately mm EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation.

Insulating your conservatory is a cost-effective solution, saving you money and making it usable all year round.

  • R-Value up to 1.27 m²K/W, equivalent to 55mm of mineral fibre insulation
  • Up to 91% reduction in heat loss, saving you money on your energy bills
  • Unique white layer, increases visual appearance and reduces heat absorption
  • Suitable for UPVC, aluminium & timber frame conservatories
  • Keeps your conservatory warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Reduces external noise
  • Contains 70% recycled plastic bottles
  • Thin, lightweight, flexible, durable and easy to install
  • Reduces external noise
  • Made in Britain


General Fixing:
Firstly, measure the size of your conservatory roof and calculate the amount of insulation required.

Step 1 – Start by applying timber battens to the  conservatory roof spars, mechanically fixing into place using suitable screws.
Step 2 – Starting at the bottom of the roof, apply ThermaWrap Conservatory Insulation directly to the timber battens and secure into place using 14mm staples.
Step 3 – Now apply the second layer of insulation following the instructions shown in step 2,  however this time ensure there is an overlap of 50mm. Mechanical parts like light fittings, etc should be cut around to ensure access.
Step 4 – Using ThermaWrap Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape, seal all overlaps and perimeters.
Step 5 – Apply a second layer of timber battens perpendicular to the first set of timber battens, mechanically fix into place using suitable screws.
Step 6 – Finish by installing a suitable internal finish such as plasterboard.

Cutting: ThermaWrap conservatory insulation can be cut using a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors.
Tape Fixing: Clean all surfaces, remove the easy peel backing and apply pressure to tape using your hand.

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