Foil Tape

Joins, seals and securely fixes insulation sheets to create air-tight cavities and eliminate cold spots and forms an effective radiant barrier when used with ThermaWrap reflective insulation.

  • Aluminium foil tape
  • Highly adhesive and durable
  • Acrylic based adhesive ensures a strong airtight bond
  • Ideal for use with ThermaWrap Multi-Purpose Insulation or ThermaWrap Pipe Insulation
  • Easy peel back for ease of installation


Start by peeling a 25mm section of the easy-peel backing from the rear of the tape, apply the tape to the desired location and apply pressure to the surface, roll the tape out and continue to remove the easy peel backing, applying pressure to the surface of the tape as you progress (ensuring there is a smooth finish without any gaps), simply cut or tear the tape at the end.

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