Self-Adhesive Pet House Insulation


ThermaWrap pet house insulation is a reflective foil insulating layer designed for your pets living space. Keeping your pet's living environment warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

ThermaWrap self-adhesive reflective aluminium foil bubble insulation works by reflecting radiant heat back into the space retaining warmth and providing a warmer environment. It keeps your pets warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The core bubble profile of the product offers great thermal benefits – this is achieved by trapping air within the small bubble pockets of the product.

The outer aluminium foil layers increase the overall thermal performance of the product – this is due to its high reflectiveness.

Comes with self-adhesive tape for ease of installation.

The advantages of the ThermaWrap self-adhesive pet house insulation are

  • R-Value up to 1.47 m²K/W, equivalent to 65mm of mineral fibre insulation
  • Reduces heat loss, saving you money on your energy bills
  • Effective thermal barrier protecting your pets from overheating
  • Provides a thermal and moisture barrier against the cold
  • Highly reflective surface ideal for heat lamp installation
  • Built-in strong adhesive tape strips for easy installation
  • Sticks to smooth, rough and uneven surfaces, including wood, metal and plastic
  • Easily wiped clean
  • Cut to fit any size
  • Water, mould and fungi resistant
  • Does not contain any floating fibres
  • Lightweight, flexible, durable and easy to install
  • Made in Britain


Before applying ThermaWrap self-adhesive pet house insulation, ensure the surface of the house is clean and free from any debris or dirt (it is advised to clean the surface before installation).

Step 1 – Starting at the bottom, roll the insulation out across wall, once in position peel the easy peel backing from the self-adhesive tape and apply pressure to the surface (this will ensure the tape bonds to the wall), once in position cut the material at the end. Any windows, handles, doors, etc should be cut around to ensure access.

Step 2 – Apply the next layer of material following the instructions shown in step 1, however this time ensure there is an overlap of 50mm.

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