A SuperQuilt membrane of 40 mm thick, which is equivalent to 170 mm of mineral wool insulation and 150 mm of EPS insulation.

SuperQuilt helps you benefit from ECO+

The Energy Company Obligation Plus (ECO+) scheme recently came into effect. The UK government’s programme, which will run until March 2026, promotes the rapid installation of energy efficiency measures in homes across the UK, helping especially low-income households and those living in the least energy efficient homes to reduce their annual heating bills. To save on your energy bill and to be eligible for the energy efficiency grants – made available through your energy provider – you can improve your home’s thermal performance using any insulation material. Yet to make the most of your insulation project, our accredited products SuperQuilt and SuperQuilt Lite are the smartest choices by far.

Measures included in ECO+

Quite a few insulation measures are covered by an Energy Company Obligation Plus grant. They include several types of roof insulation (such as pitched roof and flat roof insulation), floor insulation (i.e., underfloor and solid floor insulation) and wall insulation (cavity wall and external and internal solid wall insulation). Internal wall insulation and pitched roof insulation are interesting options in a retrofit insulation scenario.  

SuperQuilt and SuperQuilt Lite

While any YBS insulation product can help achieve the necessary thermal improvements, we often recommend SuperQuilt and SuperQuilt Lite to homeowners and roofing installers. Both products are made in the UK and with at least 83% recycled materials.

1.     SuperQuilt

SuperQuilt, our 2 in 1 reflective aluminium multilayer insulation and vapour control layer, has all the certifications to ensure your peace of mind. Easy to install, it is BBA certified, Building Control compliant and NHBC accepted. This reflective multifoil insulation, which consists of 19 high-quality flexible layers is only 40 mm thick and can be used as retrofit insulation for roofs, walls, floors and many more applications. SuperQuilt stops the passage of moisture, reduces the risk of condensation and of course offers tremendous thermal benefits, with an R-Value up to 3.00 m²K/W.

2.     SuperQuilt Lite

SuperQuilt Lite, too, is easy to use and comes with all the necessary accreditations: it is fully Agrément Certified to UK industry standards, Building Control compliant and NHBC accepted. This versatile multi-foil has 9 high-quality flexible layers and is only 32 mm thick. Like SuperQuilt, SuperQuilt Lite is suitable for existing roofs, walls and floors, and it works as a vapour control layer on top of providing thermal insulation. This thermally efficient layered product has an R-Value up to 2.11 m²K/W.

Comparison to alternatives

Another benefit of our reflective multifoil insulation products is that they help maximise living space due to their limited thickness compared to other insulation materials on the market.

A SuperQuilt membrane of only 40 mm thick is equivalent to up to

  • 170 mm of mineral wool insulation

  • 150 mm of EPS insulation

  • 105 mm of PIR insulation

In addition, SuperQuilt has better coverage. For the surface covered by one 15-metre roll, you would need 5 PIR-sheets, while a 12-metre roll of SuperQuilt corresponds to 4 sheets of PIR.

A SuperQuilt Lite membrane of only 32 mm thick is equivalent to up to

  • 115 mm of mineral wool insulation

  • 105 mm of EPS insulation

  • 50 mm of PIR insulation

Again, in terms of coverage, the 15 and 12 metre rolls correspond to 5 and 4 PIR sheets respectively.

Step-by-step installation videos

At YBS, we not only provide you with UK’s leading multifoil insulation products; we also help you put them to good use by offering helpful resources, such as technical details and product details, installation videos and tips and advice.  Of course, our team is also available to provide support and to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them via technical@ybsinsulation.com.