Escape To The Chateau - Sky Bar

Escape To The Chateau owner Dick Strawbridge was given another mammoth task by wife Angel Adoree as they continued to tackle the stunning property's roof.

Dick and Angel wowed viewers in the latest episode (S08 E05) after they transformed their dark and dingy roof space into a stunning bar (first aired on Sunday 28th November 2021).

Over the past couple of episodes, viewers have watched as Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree have taken on the task of replacing the roof of their home. However, while their roofer mate Steve was removing the old slates on the house, he exposed an area that hadn't seen the light of day in over 150 years.

It was a large room above the attic floor which ran from the front to the back of the house. Dick discovered the large room, which Angel declared should be turned into a sky bar.

During the episode, Angel and Dick could be seen blowing viewers away with their ambitious new project. The couple revealed their plans to convert their loft into a drinking area ‘Sky bar’, offering fantastic views of the sky and stars.

Wanting to inspect the insulation further, Angel asked: “So, is that just a silver sheeting that goes over the top of it?”

Dick replied: “No, it’s this. It’s the multi-layer, high-performance insulation darling. This is sexy insulation.”

Angel went on to keep the insulation as part of the bar but added a white sparkly hessian fabric over the top, along with midnight blue buttons.

The children helped to create a galaxy-like mural on the wall and decorate disco balls to look like planets which were hung from the ceiling.

The insulation used was ThermaQuilt manufactured in the UK by YBS Insulation. Forming part of our market leading Quilt family, consisting of SuperQuilt, ThermaQuilt and BreatherQuilt.

ThermaQuilt is a 2 in 1 multi-layered reflective foil insulation and vapour control layer, fully certified to industry standards for use in roofs and walls. Offering high thermal benefits and great environmental credentials… with ThermaQuilt containing 74% recycled plastic.

Daniel McKane (Managing Director of YBS Insulation) commented:

“It was great to see one of our multi-layered foil insulation products being used in such a magnificent structure, not only as insulation… but in such a creative way as an aesthetically pleasing finish”

He also added “the bold project has encouraged me to use reflective insulation in a similar project, all be it not quite as grand as Dick & Angels sky bar, great job Dick & Angel”.

Those tuning in were also in awe and took to Twitter and other social media platforms with comments such as:

Lindsay Robertson shared: “What a dream…a bar that includes a telescope…always been fascinated by the solar system – must be amazing to view the night sky without any light pollution”.

Andrew Markham posted: “Excellent to see alternative insulation being used not only insulating a roof but creating a relaxing area to enjoy”.

To full episode can be seen on E4 Catch up.


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Main image credit: Instagram (Escape_To_The_Chateau)