A roll of FloorQuilt floor insulation, which serves as insulation, radiant barrier and vapour control layer all in one.

FloorQuilt: durable solid floor insulation

15% of heat is lost through poorly insulated or non-insulated floors. FloorQuilt floor insulation has all the properties needed to tackle this problem. Its multilayers of metalised PET reflect heat and prevent heat loss through the floor, acting as a radiant barrier and reducing the radiant heat transfer by up 97%. If you’re considering an underfloor heating system, FloorQuilt will improve its performance as well. Read on to discover more advantages of this versatile multifoil reflective insulation for solid floors in both retrofit and new build applications.

Advantages of our floor insulation

FloorQuilt provides better insulation and energy efficiency for floors, but improved thermal performance is not its only plus.

1.     Ease of installation

FloorQuilt is flexible, lightweight and requires no special tools or equipment, making it easy to install.

2.     Very durable

FloorQuilt has excellent stability, strength and cohesion. The product is highly tear resistant, corrosion and damage resistant, and nail tear resistant.

3.     Minimal wastage

Our underfloor insulation is eco-friendly too. You will have minimal waste due to its unique kimble design. When cut to suit the installation, the layers remain together – allowing you to use the leftovers in other applications.

4.     Screed can go directly on top

Moreover, FloorQuilt has a built-in protective layer that enables you to put screed directly on top. Other types of insulation, by contrast, need an additional protective membrane where the liquid screed will seep between the gaps of the rigid/board insulation below, damaging it. This is why FloorQuilt is often used in combination with new underfloor heating systems. Moreover, because the product has minimal compression, there is no risk of cracking or an un-even floor surface when the screed is applied.

5.     Extremely thin

Increasing floor depth is not always possible, with door thresholds often posing a problem. Despite being a 3 in 1 product – serving as insulation, radiant barrier and vapour control layer – FloorQuilt is only 6 millimetres thick, making it the perfect solution for reducing the construction depth of a solid floor. It offers the rare combination of a thin profile and high insulation values.

6.     Made in Britain

FloorQuilt is made in Britain, supporting local production and ensuring local quality control and reliability.

More information or advice?

If you’re looking for floor insulation for an underfloor heating system, solid concrete flooror other floor type, be sure to download our product guide.