SuperQuilt - Floating Timber

SuperQuilt is rolled out onto the concrete floor leaving enough edge overlap to protrude above the floor deck. Timber joists/battens are then laid on top of the SuperQuilt, spaced at centres to suit the particular flooring. The deck is then fixed at 200mm centres with screws 37mm into the joists/battens.

P/A RatioU-Value
(with 50mm Cavity above)
(with 100mm Cavity above)
0.10.13 W/m²K0.12 W/m²K
0.20.20 W/m²K0.17 W/m²K
0.30.24 W/m²K0.20 W/m²K
0.40.26 W/m²K0.22 W/m²K
0.50.28 W/m²K0.23 W/m²K
0.60.30 W/m²K0.24 W/m²K
0.70.31 W/m²K0.25 W/m²K
0.80.32 W/m²K0.26 W/m²K
0.90.33 W/m²K0.27 W/m²K
1.00.34 W/m²K0.27 W/m²K