SuperFloor - UnderFloor Heating System

Performance Insulation for Underfloor Heating Systems


Suspended And Solid Floor Applications

Can be used with Floorboards or Tongue & Groove floor paneling

SuperFloor Foil is a multi-layer foil laminate, coated with polyethylene to provide a corrosion resistant insulation system.

SuperFloor Foil is a high-performance material which acts creating a low emissivity air space below the floor, thus reflecting the heat back.

SuperFloor Foil can be applied to enhance ‘U’ values in new build or refurbished building projects to meet and exceed current Building Regulations.

SuperFloor Foil is certified by the BRE as Foil-Tec.

P/A RatioU-Value (with 50mm Cavity)U-Value (with 100mm Cavity)
0.20.24 W/m²K0.22 W/m²K
0.40.35 W/m²K0.30 W/m²K
0.60.41 W/m²K0.35 W/m²K
0.80.44 W/m²K0.38 W/m²K
10.47 W/m²K0.40 W/m²K