Homeowner insulating her garden room using YBS self-adhesive shed insulation

DIY garage and shed insulation

Many homeowners like to spend the summer months doing chores in and around the garden, including installing garage and shed insulation to prepare for winter. Most people have more time on their hands during the summer, but the weather is also ideal for DIY projects. In this article, we introduce you to ThermaWrap and ThermaQuilt. The products from these ranges are easy to apply, making them a perfect match for your summer insulation projects.

When to opt for garage or shed insulation

If you love spending time in your garage or shed to do DIY projects or hobbies, or if you plan on turning your garage or shed into an office or useable space, you will be more comfortable with proper insulation. Insulation not only keeps your garage or shed warmer in winter, but also cooler in summer.

Choosing between ThermaWrap and ThermaQuilt

The choice between ThermaWrap and ThermaQuilt mainly depends on your budget and on how much time you spend in your shed or garage. ThermaQuilt provides excellent thermal insulation, while ThermaWrap is also thermally efficient but more cost-effective. In addition, our ThermaWrap products are even easier to install because most of them come with a built-in double-sided tape. Being slightly thinner, ThermaWrap allows you to maximise the amount of garage or shed space.

1.    ThermaWrap

ThermaWrap is the UK’s leading reflective DIY insulation brand. ThermaWrap General Purpose Insulation consists of a core bubble profile and outer layers of aluminium foil. The small bubble pockets trap air, ensuring great thermal benefits. And due to its high reflectiveness, the foil sends radiant heat back into the space, increasing the product’s overall thermal performance. This results in a thermal resistance of up to 1.46 m²K/W, which is equivalent to 65 mm of mineral fibre insulation.

ThermaWrap can be used for almost any DIY application, including roofs, walls and floors. You can even apply this high-performing reflective bubble insulation to the interior of your van or caravan to turn it into a comfortable living space.

In addition to ThermaWrap General Purpose, our range contains:

·       ThermaWrap Conservatory Insulation

·       ThermaWrap Pipe Wrap Insulation

·       ThermaWrap Radiator Foil

·       Self-Adhesive Garage Door Insulation

·       Self-Adhesive Shed Insulation

·       Self-Adhesive Pet House Insulation

·       Self-Adhesive Garden Insulation

As you can tell from their names, the final four insulation products come with built-in self-adhesive tape for maximum ease of use.

2.    ThermaQuilt

ThermaQuilt is an Agrément Certified multifoil insulation that contains 84% recycled materials and is made in the UK. Consisting of 9 layers, it offers very high thermal performance. In addition to thermally insulating your garage or shed, ThermaQuilt acts as a vapour control layer, stopping the passage of moisture and reducing the risk of condensation. It can also be used for other DIY applications including lofts, motor homes, boats and cellars. ThermaQuilt Lite, which has 6 high-quality layers, is the more budget-friendly alternative to ThermaQuilt.

Installation tips and videos

Be sure to check out our helpful overview of our DIY products per application as well as tips and advice and installation videos. Should you have any questions, our insulation experts are of course happy to answer them.