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Insulating the internal side of a masonry wall is a very common method of insulation, particularly for retrofit, refurbishment or conversion projects, but can also be used on extensions or new builds.

This method of insulating your walls on the inside of your property can be an excellent way of combatting heat loss particularly for retrofit, refurbishment or conversion projects, due to the thin profile of our reflective insulation, which is why at YBS Insulation we have specially manufactured products for dry lining.

Dry lining involves installing insulation between timber battens on the internal side of your wall. Whether it’s for a new build or a refurbishment project. Dry lining insulation makes your home more energy efficient and is quick and easy to install, whilst achieving U-Values which will ensure you comply with Building Regulations and have a room which is comfortable for its occupants.

The recommended insulation for this method of construction is shown below.

SuperQuilt Internal Side Of Solid Wall

Our internal wall insulation solution is great for projects where there is an existing masonry wall or a new wall has just been built.

Installing a single layer of SuperQuilt between timber battens is quick and easy, due to its ultra-thin profile. Increasing the depth of the battens from 25mm to 38mm gives a higher thermal performance.

Need to meet a lower U-Value than building regulations?

Add insulated plasterboard to the internal finish or use multiple layers of SuperQuilt to your desired U-Value, for more information speak to our technical support team on 01909 726 025.

Once SuperQuilt has been taped and sealed on all overlaps and perimeter, it also works as a high performing VCL (vapour control layer).

(Solid 225mm Brick)
25mm Batten
38mm Batten
SuperQuilt (2 Layers)0.210.19
SuperQuilt with 27mm Insulated Plasterboard (XPS) (0.540 m²K/W)0.300.26
SuperQuilt with 38mm Insulated Plasterboard (PIR) (1.150 m²K/W)0.250.23
SuperQuilt (2 Layers) (50mm battens between layers)0.18
In accordance with BDA Kiwa Agrèment certification(W/m²K)(W/m²K)
(Cavity Wall)
25mm Batten
38mm Batten
SuperQuilt (2 Layers)0.200.18
SuperQuilt with 35mm Insulated Plasterboard (XPS) (0.790 m²K/W)0.290.27
SuperQuilt with 38mm Insulated Plasterboard (PIR) (1.150 m²K/W)0.250.22
SuperQuilt with 63mm Insulated Plasterboard (PIR) (2.300 m²K/W)0.190.18
In accordance with BDA Kiwa Agrèment certification(W/m²K)(W/m²K)

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YBS Insulation products are manufactured to the highest quality and certified to industry standards.

YBS Insulation Product Information

Product - SuperQuilt - See more

SuperQuilt is one of the UK’s leading multifoil insulations. This flexible, easy to install, multilayer insulation offers tremendous thermal benefits. The benefit of multifoil insulation is that it is suitable for a range of applications from roof insulation, floor insulation and wall insulation and due to the slim depth, you can save valuable space on your installation. The unique composition of the product effectively deals with all forms of energy transfer.

This product is suitable for roofs, walls, floors and offers the following major benefits –

  • Cost saving Solution
  • Effective 2 in 1 insulation and vapour control membrane
  • Reduces Construction Depth
  • Reduces Risk of Condensation
  • Non degradable maintaining thermal performance and product integrity

SuperQuilt has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agrément, Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance.