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As the reflective multifoil insulation experts, we understand the insulation requirements to deal with cool chain logistics.

With over 25 years of technical research and innovation, we manufacture insulation allowing conversion to insulate shipping containers, thermal pallet covers and many other logistical packaging solutions.

When transporting over air, sea and road, time-temperature sensitive products such as foods and liquids, pharmaceuticals (medicines) and chemicals, we understand the requirement and specification to package such products.

With the aim of preserving a stability in temperature throughout the total duration of transportation, from sender to receiver, reflective multifoil insulation would protect the quality of the product.

As the distance between locations and the means of transport used will stress the impact on the cool chain, by adding a high-performance, protective thermal barrier around perishable shipments, high-risk breaks in the cold chain (often occurring during first and final mile, loading and un-loading or pre and post flight checks) can be minimised. This is where we, as developer and manufacturer of reflective multi-foil insulation, have the knowledge to produce suitable packaging.

YBS Insulation Research and Development Laboratory

Manufactured from a blend of materials that suit all performances, our insulation is easy to use and enables protection against temperature spikes, reducing wastage.

Flexible, yet robust, the products made from our insulation, are able to cope with even the most challenging packing and warehouse conditions.

With temperature control packaging traditionally accounting for around 20% of total operational costs, the insulation can be converted to your needs. Ideal for freight forwarders, integrators and specialist couriers, our products offer high-performance for use by air, sea and road.

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