Supply Chain Coordinator Naomi Childerley, Business Analyst and IT Manager Richard Bateman and Quilt Unit Production Manager Craig Curtis discuss how YBS puts people first

YBS puts people first

At YBS, we put great stock in the quality of our products and services. As our Managing Director Daniel McKane acknowledges, that means we are very invested in our team: “Our people drive innovation. They know the materials and processes, and they have ideas for improving efficiency and performance. We want to give everyone opportunities and a voice.” This devotion to our team is not only valuable to us as company – it’s also what makes YBS such a great place to work.

Continue reading to find out what that means for our Supply Chain Coordinator Naomi Childerley, who has been with us for 10 years; our Business Analyst and IT Manager Richard Bateman, who has been on board for almost half a decade; and Quilt Unit Production Manager Craig Curtis, a proud team member of 17 years.

Lots of opportunities for growth

Craig worked his way up from Production Operative to Supervisor. He says he learned a lot working with his predecessor, as well as relying on the skills he acquired in a previous supervisor role.

Naomi’s story, too, is one of personal and professional growth. “I started in the warehouse”, she recounts. “I moved on to the forklifts, loading lorries. Next, I came into Sales, then into Purchasing as a Purchasing Manager, and now Supply Chain.”

Richard stresses that, if you put in the work, YBS will help you succeed. “They want the best for you”, he says. “In return, they trust in you to do what you believe is best for YBS. I have been able to express myself here and to move the business into the direction that I think it should take.”

Flexibility, diversity and support

Naomi’s job role of Supply Chain Coordinator is new at YBS. “It’s exciting”, she says, “because I can fill it in as I go along. My tasks change almost daily, which I like. I’m learning a lot. No two days are the same.”

Craig, too, likes the diversity of his job: “Among other things, I’m liaising with the planners and purchasers. I run up to three teams, depending on how busy we are, and help them on the job. I train all the supervisors and monitor production, and I carry out health and safety risk assessments.”

As our Quilt Unit Production Manager, Craig used to take care of machine maintenance as well. Today, however, that responsibility is in the hands of our Maintenance Manager. Craig is grateful for the support he has received throughout his career: “I have always been driven, and YBS has backed me from day one. They encourage me and are there for me if I need help. They’ve made me into a better manager.”

A family-oriented family business

Naomi, Craig and Richard all feel that YBS, in spirit, is still very much the family business that it used to be. “We really are like one big family”, Richard stresses. “Everyone knows everyone and what people are capable of. That’s how you earn respect. We are all pulling in the right direction to achieve the same goals.” Craig, too, likes the family atmosphere at YBS: “The morale is very good; we get on well.”

Naomi: “I’m very family-oriented and they adapt to that, with the ability to alter hours to accommodate special family occasions such as my daughter’s birthday.” For our Supply Chain Coordinator, YBS has even quite literally been a family business: “When I started, my dad ran the operations and I worked alongside my twin sister in the warehouse. I grew with my family as the company grew.”

Expanding and improving

Over the years, YBS has grown. “When I first joined, we had two warehouses”, Naomi recounts. “Now we have eight, and one external warehouse. That’s a big expansion.” Turnover-wise, Richard has seen the company take great leaps as well. “When you do the pricing, it’s rewarding to see us making profits”, he says.

Naomi explains that every employee is free to contribute to that growth and suggest improvements. “It doesn’t matter who you are: if you have an idea, the response is always ‘Let’s see if it works.’ If it doesn’t, we’ll change it and try a different process.” Craig, too, values YBS’s continuous search for “smarter ways of working” and for keeping “health and safety top of mind.”

To Naomi, another beautiful example of YBS being open to change and “not putting people in a box” is how the company evolved from a mostly male workforce to having implemented all the necessary changes to make women feel at ease. “They are proud of women working in the warehouse, showing us the utmost respect”, she says.

Exciting future

“I’m taking in as much as I can as a Supply Chain Coordinator”, Naomi continues. “I’ll see where that leads, because there are definitely more doors to be opened at YBS.” Richard feels the same way: “Everyone here gets a lot of opportunities, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for YBS.”