Non-Itch - Loft Insulation

Installation of Non-Itch in a loft application should be in accordance with the manufacturers fixing instructions, certification and current good building practice.

Safety, work from suitable “crawling boards” spanning four joists. Start from the eaves ensuring the wall plate is covered and work towards the centre of the loft, placing Non-Itch between the joists, butt jointing where necessary. Once the joist has been filled, either turned back the end of the roll to start the next layer or cut the roll using a sharp pair of scissors.

Layer insulation to the required thickness ensuring the ceiling beneath is completely covered except directly under the water tank. Where the depth of previously installed insulation has reached the top of the joists, extra heat saving is gained by cross layering Non-Itch (at right angles to joists). Insulate and draught seal the loft hatch.

Non-Itch General Purpose Insulation Roll 42.5 is easy to handle with no requirements for protective clothing or equipment.

Non-Itch General Purpose Insulation Roll 42.5 is supplied in polythene packaging, designed for short term protection only.

The table below shows the U-values achieved using Non-Itch laid in the roof void. U-values are based on the first layer of insulation laid between the joists and the second layer(s) laid perpendicular to the first.

Thickness of Non-Itch (mm)U-Value
1st Layer2nd Layer
1001700.16 W/m²K
1002000.14 W/m²K
1502000.12 W/m²K