Architect specifying multifoil insulation for maximum design flexibility

Multifoil insulation: design flexibility, sustainability and space optimisation

In today’s architecture, making impactful decisions on materials is key for sustainability. Multifoil insulation presents a prime opportunity to bolster energy-efficiency and inhabitant comfort in both retrofit and new build projects. Often, the available roof or wall depth determines which insulation products will be used. Multifoil insulation is one of the thinnest options available, enabling significant space savings.

Are you considering multifoil insulation for your specifications? Read on to discover what makes this material a great choice for innovative, environmentally conscious designs.

Specifying multifoil insulation

1.     Energy-efficiency and sustainability

Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, our eco-friendly insulation solutions contribute to sustainable building practices. Multifoil insulation offers excellent thermal performance by reflecting radiant heat, helping to reduce heat loss in winter and minimise heat gain in summer. Thus, multifoil allows you to prioritise energy-efficiency – without compromising on design.

2.     Design flexibility

YBS multifoil insulation products are thin and lightweight, enabling you to incorporate them into various building elements without significant alterations to the design. This flexibility allows for seamless integration into retrofit and new build projects, giving you the freedom you need. 

3.     Space optimisation

Because it is so compact, multifoil insulation is a very effective solution for limited spaces

How YBS supports specifiers

At YBS Insulation, we champion the needs of specifiers, who pay a pivotal role in shaping construction projects. Through our comprehensive range of products and dedicated services, we empower you with innovative insulation solutions that meet your distinct requirements and contribute to your success.

1. Technical expertise

As a specifier, you can rely on our technical experts for guidance on product selection, installation methods and compliance with Building Regulations. Our support ensures you have accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions. 

2. Product information and advice

To help you make appropriate selections for specific project requirements, we gladly provide detailed product information, including technical data sheets, product specifications and performance certifications

3. Continuing education

YBS Insulation offers various education opportunities for specifiers, such as online training modules and webinars on topics related to energy-efficiency, insulation solutions and Building Regulations. Be sure to join our educational sessions to stay updated on industry trends, best practices and the latest advancements in insulation technologies. 

4. Collaboration and consultation

We support and collaborate with specifiers during the design phase of project, ensuring that you have the necessary support to integrate our products effectively. Understanding the requirements, constraints and goals, our technical support team can provide tailored recommendations and solutions that meet the unique needs of each project.

5. Resources and documentation

YBS Insulation can provide you with comprehensive resources, such as design guides, installation manuals and case studies. These resources serve as references and assist you in understanding the applications and best practices associated with our insulation products.

How can we help you?

Head to the resources section on our website for all the information you need to make informed decisions and to discover the advantages of specifying multifoil insulation to promote sustainable architecture.