YBS Insulation

SuperQuilt Multi-Layer Foil Earns Agrement Approval

The effectiveness of SuperQuilt, part of the vast YBS insulation range, as a multi layer solution for use beneath pitched roof rafters, in either new-build or refurbishment situations has been underlined by the award of a coveted BBA Certificate.

Agrement Certificate 17/5388 explains in detail how the already widely specified, multi-layer foil insulation can be used to retain energy within attic or habitable loft spaces: cutting fuel bills, improving comfort levels for building occupants and adding value. Importantly it can be employed to address detail areas such as the cheeks of dormers, dwarf walls, bonnet hips and other features. The Certification comes after prolonged evaluation by the British Board of Agrement and covers such considerations as related Building Regulation matters. design criteria, ventilation and installation guidance, as well as regular review by the highly respected authority.

Crucially, the Agrement Certificate confirms that under normal conditions the durability of the SuperQuilt will be equivalent to that of the roof it is installed within and will contribute to controlling condensation in the roof space, while offering very good thermal performance. The emissivity of 0.03 for the outer foil is complemented by a declared core thermal resistance of 1.35 m2KW. The Certificate further states that the BBA believes SuperQuilt can satisfy the requirements of not only the Building Regulations 2010 (England and Wales), but also the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2012, The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004: making it “fit for purpose” nationwide.

SuperQuilt is also used routinely by contractors and developers in the construction of exterior walls, where it is able to offer significant space savings thanks to its minimal 40mm thickness.

YBS offers a full specification and technical design service, while further details on both SuperQuilt and other products in the range – as well as their diverse applications – can be found on the manufacturer’s website at www.ybsinsulation.com