Roll of SuperQuilt, the UK’s leading Agrément Certified reflective multifoil insulation

SuperQuilt insulation covers every budget

With energy prices going up, it becomes even more important for homeowners to make their home more energy efficient without having to break the bank. That is why we have recently expanded our range of reflective multi-foil insulation, SuperQuilt, with SuperQuilt Lite and SuperQuilt Trade. Having respectively added an entry-level and middle-entry product to our premium SuperQuilt insulation foil, we are now truly covering every budget, while still ensuring the excellent thermal efficiency and durability that our products are known for and that we pride ourselves on as the biggest manufacturer of multi-foil reflective insulation in the UK.

Applications of the SuperQuilt range

SuperQuilt is the UK’s leading Agrément Certified, Building Control Compliant and NHBC accepted reflective multifoil insulation. SuperQuilt Lite and SuperQuilt Trade are tested to industry standards, offering the same in terms of applications as SuperQuilt. All three membranes are versatile multifoil insulation products suitable for new build and existing roofs, walls, and floors, making them the ideal solution for all your insulation needs. Designed to reflect radiant heat back into the living space, they retain warmth and help you save money.

The many advantages of SuperQuilt

Using SuperQuilt, SuperQuilt Lite and SuperQuilt Trade comes with numerous advantages. These foils reduce the risk of condensation with their built-in, airtight vapour control layer. Thanks to their dual characteristics (both thermal and vapour control) they can be used to control the entire building envelope, as opposed to other products on the market that do not offer vapour control.

In addition, all three SuperQuilt products

        are manufactured in Britain using at least 83% recycled materials

        maintain thermal performance and product integrity over time

        contain zero fibres – unlike mineral fibre products – so you don’t have to wear PPE during installation

        are flexible, lightweight, and easy to install

        are certified to industry standards

        have a unique kimble design that holds layers in place to avoid separation when cutting

Members of the SuperQuilt family

SuperQuilt Trade is almost identical to our original SuperQuilt. The only difference is in the outer layer, which consists of metalised polyethylene terephthalate instead of aluminium. While this adaptation results in only minute changes in thermal performance, it makes SuperQuilt Trade more affordable for all.

The following schematic overview will help you understand the main differences between the members of our SuperQuilt family. 



SuperQuilt Trade

SuperQuilt Lite


up to 3.0 m²K/W

up to 2.84 m²K/W

up to 2.07 m²K/W

        mineral wool equivalent (in mm)




        % heat loss reduction

Up to 83%

Up to 82%

Up to 76%

        number of layers




        thickness (in mm)




Read more about our products

Should you want to read more about our SuperQuilt range, our website contains a wealth of information including an FAQ section, product data sheets and other helpful downloads, installation videos and installation tips and advice.

Specifiers can always get in touch with us for specification support or free technical advice via 01909 726 025.