A roll of SuperQuilt Trade, a high performing multi-foil insulation that offers high thermal properties and has a highly effective built-in vapour control layer

Flat roofing insulation: premium product offer and advice

YBS Insulation is widely known for its excellent flat roofing insulation range called SuperQuilt, which consists of SuperQuilt, SuperQuilt Trade and SuperQuilt Light. We provide technical advice to match any project requirements, resulting in a bespoke flat roofing insulation system every time. After all, the actual specification required for a compliant building and the necessary building U-value target may vary, for instance depending on the overall proposed specification or the outcome of energy assessments.

SuperQuilt Trade: made in the UK

With no less than 19 thermally efficient layers, SuperQuilt Trade is a high-performing multi-foil product that offers a cost-effective approach to thermal insulation. Functioning as a 2-in-1 insulating and vapour control membrane with a thermal resistance of up to 2.84 m2 K/W (which corresponds to 125 mm of mineral fibre products), it is nevertheless only 40 mm thick. SuperQuilt Trade ensures a reduction in heat loss of up to 82% and is tested to industry standards.

Flexible and lightweight, and featuring an innovative kimble design that prevents the layers from separating when cutting, SuperQuilt Trade is remarkably easy to install. As the product is made in Britain, it has a small carbon footprint and its sustainable character is heightened thanks to the 83% recycled content that goes into its unique layer composition.

Advice and technical support

As the leading UK manufacturer of reflective multifoil insulation, we also offer expert advice. Our technical department provides full project support, helping you with design considerations and product selection. We have developed an online U-value Calculator, but we are also happy to calculate the U-value for build-ups that are sent to us. In addition, you can rely on us for R-value calculations.

In short, we make sure to come up with a solution that meets your specific needs and requirements, proposing the best insulation material to achieve the desired thermal comfort.

Our team has recently been expanded with two new Technical Sales Managers, so if you need any advice, there is always a local sales representative on hand to help.

Flat roofing insulation: product details

For more information on SuperQuilt Trade, please don’t hesitate to consult the Product Datasheet. You can also request a full product resource pack via the downloads section on our website.