BreatherQuilt Pitched Roof

New & Improved: YBS BreatherQuilt is Now Even Easier to Install

At YBS Insulation, quality is in our DNA. We strive to provide you with the quality assurance you need in order to make informed buying decisions. We don’t simply state the performance and quality of our products, but we back this up with rigorous in house/third party testing and certification to provide complete peace of mind.

As part of this ongoing process, we constantly test and review our catalogue of products in order to keep bringing you insulating building solutions which are of the highest quality. This involves listening to our customers and taking on board feedback to keep continuously driving product innovation and improved performance. Following this, we are pleased to announce that the roofers trusted breathable multi-layer insulation brand, YBS BreatherQuilt has recently been through some changes designed to provide an installation process which is even quicker and easier. Not only this, a membrane with an increased quality and tensile strength making it even more resistant to tearing and providing increased durability.

The outer breather membrane which makes up YBS BreatherQuilt has seen an increase in weight from 112 Gram to 125 Gram. This has resulted in an improvement in tensile strength by almost 10% (from MD 260N to 285N). This also sees an increase in tear resistance and durability which maintains the membrane integrity during the installation process.

Orders manufactured from the 1st November will include these new product updates.

YBS BreatherQuilt is flexible which makes it extremely easy and hassle-free to install. To improve this process further, we are pleased to announce that BreatherQuilt now includes an easy peal built-in double-sided tape which reduces project completion times further saving you valuable time and money.

Designed to replace the need for a stand-alone breather membrane, whilst offering a high level of thermal performance, the unique layer composition of BreatherQuilt effectively deals with condensation and all forms of energy transfer. Flexible and easy to install this high-quality insulation provides a sustainable approach to thermal and breathable insulation.

BreatherQuilt is available both in the UK and internationally and is Agrément Certified, LABC Registered and NHBC accepted.