YBS Insulation Brings Benefits for Bishop Stortford Build

wall insulation

The performance potential and versatility of YBS Insulation’s Breather Foil FR for use in timber frame construction has been elegantly illustrated through a high specification residential development in an East Hertfordshire village. The project at Furneux Pelham, near Bishop Stortford, features an enclave of five homes priced at up to £1 million, whose elevations display a blend of timber cladding, render and brickwork, all employed to clad a factory fabricated timber frame system.

Importantly, the Breather Foil FR specified by Land & County Development and the consultant, Helix Design will fulfil multiple roles. Fitted over the outer face of the sheathing board as the panels are fabricated, the breathable bubble membrane functions to not only allow moisture to escape from the fabric of the building, but protects the timber and insulation material from the elements as work proceeds. Crucially it is also flame retardant and acts to enhance the overall thermal performance of the building envelope.

This thermal enhancement comes partly from the insulating value of the sheet’s 4mm thick structure and also the reflectance of the foil face.  While Breather Foil FR is frequently used to protect timber frame systems containing mineral wool or PIR insulation, in the case of the Land & Country Developments scheme in Furneux Pelham, the design team opted to utilise YBS Insulation’s SuperQuilt: a 19 ply material including layers of foil, expanded polyethylene and polyester wadding.

YBS Insulation’s technical advisory service carried out a series of heat loss calculations for Land & Country – reducing the size of timber stud required from a typical 140mm thickness to just 90mm.

Together, the two materials supplied through Munster Insulation, help achieve an overall U-value for the wall of 0.18 W/m2: fully complying with the current version of Part L to the Building Regulations and creating valuable extra space within the rooms to the new homes.

Land & County Development is a small company established in 2009, covering the north of Essex into Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, which specialises in constructing high quality timber framed and modular homes, styled for contemporary living in a traditional style, sympathetic to the surrounding environment.  The five homes nearing completion in Furneux Pelham, range in size from two to four bedroom, with master en-suites as well as many luxury features.