YBS Insulation

YBS SuperQuilt Specified by Science Based Builder

A regional based building contractor specialising in refurbishment schemes which make the best use of new or innovative construction technologies, has used large quantities of YBS SuperQuilt during the conversion of a five bedroom Oxfordshire home into two high quality flats.

Renovat3d was set up three years ago by Khalil Khabiri to undertake work in an area around Banbury and the east side of the Cotswolds and has steadily grown the business to serve small developers. The latest project, located in a mainly residential area of Banbury, focuses on a traditionally built property which was in a very poor state of repair.

Khalil commented: “This five bedroom house not only required full refurbishment because of its condition, but the existing wall construction with its filled cavities was not adequate to meet current Building Regulations without significant improvement. Building Control favoured the use of Celotex or a similar rigid insulation material, but that would have encroached too much into the room, and been a lot more expensive than using SuperQuilt which I first encountered at a Screwfix Live show.

We ended up buying some 28 rolls of SuperQuilt through John Nichols, a local builders’ merchants and have used it to improve the thermal performance, doing minimum damage while effectively making each flat into a ‘bubble’. It has also provided significant improvement in terms of sound reduction between spaces.”

Khalil went on to explain how using SuperQuilt instead of the standard thickness of mineral wool or foam insulation to upgrade the ceiling of the top flat, enabled the clients to keep the loft space as a valuable storage area.

Khalil concluded: “I set up Renovat3d to undertake 3D design and to take the whole project through to completion for clients, throughout the process trying to put engineering into the building practice, trying to take the build up to a higher spec.” Renovat3d expects to complete the conversion and hand the two new flats back to its client by the end of February this year.

YBS SuperQuilt creates an effective vapour control layer to the inside of the wall or roof zone, preventing moisture from the occupied spaces affecting the build-up beyond. Recognised by the NHBC, compliant with Part L of the Building Regulations and holding an Agrement Certificate, SuperQuilt is suitable for both new-build and refurbishment work.

It comprises 19 layers including reflective foil, expanded polyethylene and polyester wadding to provide a cost effective and user-friendly alternative to much thicker insulation materials. Installed with a 25mm cavity it controls not just radiated energy, but thermal conduction and convection, while also combating thermal overheating in the summer months.

Multi-layer insulation may not be ‘rocket science’, but the Banbury conversion by Renovat3d does demonstrate that space is a critical frontier for modern building technology to explore.